Mickey and the gang Good Housekeeping reprint

Ola Martinsson (AS/EAB) ola.martinsson at ericsson.com
Thu Sep 1 13:14:11 CEST 2005

Hi !

Does anyone on this list know if there is any difference between the Hardcover and Softcover edition of Mickey and the gang Good Housekeeping reprint ?

Ola in sunny Stockholm +20 and clear blue sky

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Today's Topics:

   1. RE: HD&L VS The Love (Halsten Aastebol)
   2. Of love, childhod, and... ducks (Santiago Garc?a)
   3. The Stone that Turns All Metals Gold (Victor)
   4. Turning Red Alert To Yellow Alert - Brazilian Comics fans. 
   5. Sherlock Holmes? (Fredrik Str?mberg)
   6. Re: Sherlock Holmes? (Ole Damgaard)
   7. Re: Sherlock Holmes? (Mads Jensen)


Message: 1
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 09:37:59 +0200
From: Halsten Aastebol <Halsten.Aastebol at elkraft.ntnu.no>
Subject: RE: HD&L VS The Love
To: David Gerstein <gdavid at gemstonepub.com>, "'KUR'" <ggk at wp.pl>
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At 16:48 30.08.2005 -0400, David Gerstein wrote:
>         Hey Maciek,
> > In evry story I seen, I olweys Imagent that HD&L are like 9-10 yers old...
> > They seam look to be this age.
> >
>         For me, the "mature" HDL of the mid-1950s always struck me as being
>around 12 or 13. But then, my view of the nephews has always been colored,
>too, by the first cartoon I ever saw them in- LUCKY NUMBER, where they seem
>to be teens, drive Donald's car, and want one of their own.
> > Yet! It would be a funny story if HD&L would get in love in much older
> > girl... maby sombody well k'now like  Dicki, Magica, Brigitta or Daisy
> >
>         Yikes! Sounds scary! Dickie is like a big sister to the boys, and
>just the thought of them falling for Magica or Brigitta... O-8
>         On the other hand, in the earliest days, the nephews DO seem to have
>some kind of vague romantic interest in Daisy. Long before that "Aunt Daisy"
>stuff got started, there were cartoons like MR. DUCK STEPS OUT where the
>kids actually seem to want to beat Donald's time and have Daisy to
>themselves, for apparently romantic reasons...
>                 David

In Barks' "In Old California", it certainly seems like Panchita is making 
the blood run faster in HDL's veins (and Donald's)! But then again, they 
are not in love with her, only charmed. Instead they support Ronaldo's efforts.
But of course, the whole thing was just some kind of dream.
A brilliant story!



Message: 2
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 13:43:02 +0200 (CEST)
From: Santiago Garc?a <saturno3x1 at yahoo.es>
Subject: Of love, childhod, and... ducks
To: dcml at stp.lingfil.uu.se
Message-ID: <20050831114302.20555.qmail at web52608.mail.yahoo.com>
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Dan Shane:

Thank you for this little argue which helps me out of
the routine for a few moments ;-)

All right: I see our points of view about childhood
are quite different. By my own experience: My friends
and me had our first girlgriends at 7 or 8. And we
felt that was real love, not as a way to imitate the
adult people, believe me. And that was indeed an very
exciting adventure for us.

> I feel sorry for kids who hurry up their
> lives and pretend that they are emotionally mature
> enough to get involved in
> the way many adults seem to think is "cute."

Yes, I understand what you mean, but I'd just not
include loving into that "effort" to pretend to be

> As a small boy I was [...] wonderful
> to be around because of the joy I found in life.  I
> want the nephews always to exhibit that joy, not get
> bogged down in the mire of romance.

Sorry, but I cannot see why you seem to see romance as
a duty instead of a joy. Moreover, falling in love is
not a kind of task one usually imposes to himself, but
a natural "accident" that sometimes happens. I just
think that could happen to HDL occasionally, just like
it happens to some children of their age.

> You are comparing apples and oranges.  All these are
> instances of the nephews' MENTAL acuity, not
> EMOTIONAL maturity.  The figurative heart has
> to do with the logical head.

Do you really think that emotional maturity is not
linked *anyway* with rational maturity? All right,
let's assume it. Then, let me pose these other
examples instead: (May I go on with Barks?)
	-In "You can't guess", HDL feel fed up with toys and
decide to let Santa Claus give their toys to the poor
	-In "The golden river", HDL stay with Scrooge and
take care of him even after he's been so mean not to
give'em money for their sport field;
	-In "No such varmint", HDL are worried about Donald
getting a good job while he is only wandering about
playing his flute here and there;
	-In "The secret of Hondorica", HDL force Donald to
rescue Gladstone from the natives' village, even if
he's going to keep half the reward they will get from
	-In "Back to the Klondike", HDL feel guilty after
they have discovered Gliterring Goldie to Scrooge;
	-In "The old castle's secret", HDL are the only ones
who pursue the ghost ("Uncle Quackly") never letting
him frighten them;
	-In "The golden helmet", HDL are the only ones
sensitive enough to let the helmet sunk instead of
owning it to be the masters of America.

Look: In all of these examples, I'd say HDL's
behaviour is much more *emotionally* mature than any
of the adults around (Donald, Scrooge, etc). Excuse
me, but I think it's a major probe of emotional
maturity to have as high control of one's feelings as
to let appart one's own wishes and take care of the
next, instead. Try to see it the other way: Would you
say Donald is emotionally mature to be in love? Then,
why is he often so selfish, ingenuous, coward, pride,
insolent, etc?

Just my opinion.



P.S.: Excuse me this last part, Donald fans. It's
nothing personal ;-)

Renovamos el Correo Yahoo! 
Nuevos servicios, más seguridad 


Message: 3
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 13:22:40 +0200
From: Victor <victor1717 at gmail.com>
Subject: The Stone that Turns All Metals Gold
To: dcml at stp.lingfil.uu.se
Message-ID: <2bc630c405083104223c319b82 at mail.gmail.com>
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I saw that an original oilpainting by Barks (The Stone that Turns All
Metals Gold), were sold on ebay for 125 000 Usdollar.
Is it really worth so much?
I mean, that is what it cost to buy a little house!


Message: 4
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 11:16:45 -0300
From: asaramelli <asaramelli at ig.com.br>
Subject: Turning Red Alert To Yellow Alert - Brazilian Comics fans. 
To: dcml at stp.lingfil.uu.se
Message-ID: <20050831_141645_094743.asaramelli at ig.com.br>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"

Dear DCML friends 

This week, in the Brazilian Disney Comics List, Mr. Emerson Agune, 
publisher from Editora Abril Team commented with us the decisions are run 
for the Brazilian market Disney Comics operation. 

He said that both, the Editora Abril and Disney Brasil team, with their 
commercial, financial, sales, marketing and publicity, experts are 
concerned, the bad decisions were needed for keep the comics, and they are 
completely able to manage sucessfully the situation. 

So, we put all our expectatives on the Brazilian experts team, and 
we, as fans, are ready to help them if needed . 
All we can do now, is to wait. 

We will never forget the July/August decisions. It´s a bad 
moment for all Disney Comics fans in Brazil and around the world. 
If, by their experts avaliation , the bad decisions are necessary, we must 
to trust. 
For the other side, we are with an ask in the air : Is it REALLY necessary ? 

Thank you, turning the " Red alert " to Yellow alert" 

Alexandre Saramelli 


It sounds like the events that asaramelli reports are happening in 
Brazil are very similar to what already happened here in the USA. 

I really don't know what to suggest. 

- Tor kinlok 


On Saturday August 20, Alexandre Samarelli wrote:Situation is not good in 
brazilian subsidiary of McDuck Enterprises . Unfortunately, Disney Comics in 
Brazil is in an advanced death penalty process. 

On Thursday, August 25, Alexandre Samarelli wrote: I and all the brazilian 
comics fans are under red alert. Help us with your influence, to keep the 
brazilian Disney Comics Quality. 

Could you tell us some more about this "red alert" situation, you seem very 
concerned about? I'm afraid I didn't quite understand the fully extend of 
this. Is your local Disney comics publisher in danger of closing, or is this 
simply a case of them doing too many reprints of old stories and too few new 
ones, and you not liking it? Or is it the quality of new stories, you are 
concerned about? 

Best regards, Ole Daamgard 

Dear Mr. Ole Daamgard and all DCML friends 

I thank you for the ask, and curiosity. It´s good to share this situation 
with the international Disney Comics Fans, because, some times there are 
things only fans are able to observe. 
And with your help we become more stronger to our voice be heard. 

In the first place, I´m going to comment some aspects we observe as readers 
(customers) in Disney Comics brazilian market, and after, my personl opinion 
about the causes : 

Disney comics used to be for many years the top selled products for our 
local publisher, the Editora Abril. From a small publisher in 50's  and 
60's, Editora Abril turned the first brazilian publisher, with an enormous 
industrial and commercial operation. 
Since the end of the local comics histories production, the comics quality 
is decreasing each month. When I say "quality decreasing ", I´m not saying 
about the quality of histories. I´m saying about the quality of print 
product, distribuition ,  promotion  and sales structure : 

- Pages are being cutted. The Tio Patinhas magazine for example, used to be 
printed with 130 pages. Since April 2004 , 100 pages, and this month, 
august,  only 80 pages. 

- There´s no more promotion . In the past, the new magazines used to be 
promoted via TV advertisements,  Now, nothing. Even a little paper 
advertisement in newsstands are made. 

- There´s no more publicity. In the past, each comics used to receive 
advertisment by strong companies like Nestle. Today, nothing. 

- There´s no more people commenting about the stories. Childrens, and teens, 
generally, buy another publishing products. 

- There´s no more subscriptions. The magazines are only selled in the 
newsstands. And newsstands generally don´t sale as sucessful as 
subscriptions systems are . 

And since this month, Editora Abril promoted  nonsense decisions : 

The traditional Almanaque Disney was finished . Almanaque Disney was so 
famous than Topolino is in Italy. In it´s place they began Aventuras Disney, 
with only 80 pages. 

And the worst off all decisions : They decided to sectorize the 
distribuition. I explain : 
They print the comics, send only to the southeast cities ( the richest 
brazilian cities, like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte), and 
after three months, they are going to send  the non selled comics in another 
brazilian cities. 
This decision causes an exclusion feeling in brazilian readers that live on 
"sectorized" cities. If you live in Porto alegre or in Salvador, you are 
under a "second class reader" sensation. 

And now, let´s analyse the causes : 

First of all, Editora Abril created some years ago, new magazines for the 
children public : Revista Recreio, and Witch. Both of them are receiving all 
kind of sales efforts.  The Disney Comics are completely outside of the 

Second ; Disney Brasil company don´t work integrated with Editora Abril. 
Disney Brasil promote only the new Disney characters, and forgot the 
traditionals. Mr Marcos Rosset, the Disney Brasil President as I obsorve, 
only  acts on the Disney Channel Closed TV . 

And the main problem : They planned the Disney comics to be as cheaper as 
possible. It´s wrong. The real whisper is to act on the "reader quality 
Because promotion  less, people dont´t see quality on the comics. 
So, they don´t buy comics! It´s possible to put  the best histories ever 
time created by Disney Artists, and to sale with the cheaper price , people 
are not going to buy. 

Brazilian Comics market, if good management,  is a very profitable market. 
At the same time, I think we are on the point of no return. The next step, 
if nothing professional is done, is to finish the comics production. 

To finish a comics magazine like Uncle Scrooge, in a country where 85 % of 
new enterprises dies in it´s first 5 years old is a crime. Uncle Scrooge is 
the only business world character , who gives the opportunity to talk about 
business world subjects to children young and adults. obviously I love Uncle 
Scrooge as a fan, but talking with professional vision : We need characters 
like Uncle Scrooge. 

Under this situation I ask for all : See with special care the decisions are 
taken by the Editora Abril and Disney Brasil´s  executives . 

Alexandre Saramelli 
São Paulo - SP - Brasil 

Alexandre Saramelli is 32 years old, and is an accountant. 
Alexandre and his father Darcy Saramelli, 74 , loves Disney Comics, 
specially Uncle Scrooge Character. 


Message: 5
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 20:34:00 +0200
From: Fredrik Str?mberg <fstromberg at telia.com>
Subject: Sherlock Holmes?
To: <dcml at stp.lingfil.uu.se>
Message-ID: <000101c5ae5a$8e5211c0$3b36f953 at fredrik5ec2e32>
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Hi again!

I have now completed the foreword on Shakespeare in Disney comics (thanks
for all the help) and have started the next one, which will be about Arthur
Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes. I have located the comics with Basil The
Mouse Detective and The Sleuth and I am now looking for more obscure
parodies, satires, references etc. If anyone can hep me with suggestions, I
would be most grateful.


Fredrik Strömberg
Hantverkaregatan 6 D
211 55 Malmö
+46 40 611 00 89


Message: 6
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 23:09:16 +0200
From: "Ole Damgaard" <post at oledamgaard.dk>
Subject: Re: Sherlock Holmes?
To: "Disney Comics Mailing List" <dcml at stp.lingfil.uu.se>
Message-ID: <000601c5ae70$3f2051a0$fd475853 at oles>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 8:34 PM
Subject: Sherlock Holmes?

> I have now completed the foreword on Shakespeare in Disney comics (thanks 
> for all the help) and have started the next one, which will be about 
> Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes. I have located the comics with 
> Basil The Mouse Detective and The Sleuth and I am now looking for more 
> obscure parodies, satires, references etc. If anyone can help me with 
> suggestions, I would be most grateful.
Fredrik Strömberg

Elementary, my dear Watson! :-)

Peter Kylling offers a list of some Barks detective stories at his website: 
http://cbarks.dk/thedetectivestories.htm . In some of them HD&L wears the 
characteristic Sherlock Holmes hats.
- And, off course we must not forget Shamrock Bones...an obvious parody of 
Holmes, with the same hat and pipe, but not quite the same wit as Holmes... 

PS: I'm curious: What are you writing forewords for?



Message: 7
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 23:38:15 +0200
From: Mads Jensen <mje at inducks.org>
Subject: Re: Sherlock Holmes?
To: DCML Mailing List <dcml at stp.lingfil.uu.se>
Message-ID: <43162347.10000 at inducks.org>
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Hash: SHA1

Fredrik Strömberg wrote:
> I have now completed the foreword on Shakespeare in Disney comics (thanks
> for all the help) and have started the next one, which will be about Arthur
> Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes. I have located the comics with Basil The
> Mouse Detective and The Sleuth and I am now looking for more obscure
> parodies, satires, references etc. If anyone can hep me with suggestions, I
> would be most grateful.

Mickey Mouse comes to mind, especially the classical Gottfredson
episodes. There's got to some references to Sherlock Holmes in this

Do you plan to write about Tolkien ? If so, IS TL 2081-1 (I TL 2081-1)
is a reference to "Lord of the Rings".
- --
Mads Jensen

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