Barks' pencil layout to 'King Scrooge the first' found.

Poul Spærhage Frøkjær pfr at
Thu Sep 1 13:20:45 CEST 2005

Hi Guys,

I don't know if this is 'common knowledge' but I doubt it.

In Scandinavia the first set in a new 10 set-edition Barks library has recently been mailed out to subscribers. Geofry Blum has done the texts and he mentions that the pencil layouts for 'King Scrooge the first' has been found. There was a single picture example with Strobl's art beside Barks' pencil. Also Daan Jippes has already had his pen on this and has re-done (at least) this panel, in a 'true to Barks' manner. Also shown in the new CBL.

So within too long my guess would be that Gemstone can proudly present one of Barks' (IMO) best later stories in an art style very close to Barks. Gary -is there a date, already ???

Thats it for now.


Poul Frokjar, Denmark

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