Sherlock Holmes?

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Thu Sep 1 20:21:13 CEST 2005


 - Fredrik -

>>> I have now completed the foreword on Shakespeare in Disney comics
>>> for all the help) and have started the next one, which will be about
>>> Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes.

I suppose you already have it, but just in case:
Don Markstein & Noel Van Horn's excellent "Surefoot Jones" (D 98461) ,
published in MM & Fiends 261 (February  2004), which I only read a few
noghts ago. A funny parody of Doyle's character, starring Surefoot Jones and
his partner, Watsup.

Totally unrelated-- the only common point is that i only read it a few
nights ago as well: I loved Gorm Transgaard & Esteban"s "An Entangled
Encounter" (D 99221), published in U$ 326, February 2004. It was simple, yet
well told-- it all flowed smoothly; a very nice story.

Related-- I liked "The Sleuth stories too; funny silly stories.

All the best,


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