Young Ducks and their emotions

Santiago García saturno3x1 at
Fri Sep 2 10:22:45 CEST 2005

Dan Shane:

> Donald is
> somewhat slothful and perhaps overly carefree. 
> $crooge is miserly and does
> not immediately think of others.  The nephews seem
> to be the closest to
> ethical perfection of any characters in the Duck
> comics, though they can
> still occasionally be prankish and disobedient (as
> pre-teens often are).

OK. But, if that's so, why quite-imperfect characters
as Donald (and even Scrooge) may fall in love, and not
the nephews?

> But I still cannot picture them attracted to girls
> in a romantic way -- it
> would just not be the HD&L I knew as a kid and as I
> view them now.

No, I agree they wouldn't. If they were, we were not
discussing about it ;-) But I certainly would not see
that too far from their *actual* personalities. 

And on another hand: Every character has his flaws on
some story (that's the plot): Scrooge become generous,
Gyro doesn't want to work, Gladstone becomes unlucky,
etc. Just occasional plots, not a substantial change
on them characters.

Yes, I'd like to read such a story.



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