How to read Donald Duck H.W.Fluks at
Mon Sep 5 16:07:33 CEST 2005

Steven replied:

> yes, as stated this is a  publication about how Donald 
> Duck and Uncle Scrooge are (at least in the  1950s-1960s in 
> Chile) are 
> capitalist propaganda.    Ive read one  of the sequels - and 
> it seems mildy valid

There are indeed some truths in their analysis.

> folks who've read the HTRDD 1st  english edition,  state that 
> either the 
> authors are making some stuff up -  or the translations the 
> authors  read  were horribly done.

Yes, some translations were deliberately anti-communist. For instance,
in a Jiminy Cricket story, two bad crows were named Marx and Hegel. In
the original, they had some generic crow names.


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