HD&L and the World of the Dragonlords

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Hi, my name's Garth Danielson. I have been reading these emails with interest for a couple of month's and decided to write myself. I have been a Disney comic fan for 40 plus years now and recently started filling in the gaps in my collection, especially the Dell Giants that I had not been able to find locally. Turns out eBay yields up much more material than I can (should) buy all at once. Still, I gave my credit card a good beating and wound up with some wonderful books. It's really nice to read the old comics, something about the original versions appeals to me. That and there just aren't reprints of a lot of material.

Like so many here I am a Carl Barks fan and have been since before I knew who he was. When I get a stack of comics I always put Uncle Scrooge at the bottom to read last. Right now there are 14 Scrooge issues waiting, waiting for me the finish the other comics I wanted to read first. And first I wanted to finish the new graphic novel from Gemstone, World of the Dragonlords. I work part time in a comic shop in Minneapolis, when I went to work on Sunday it was sitting in my pull slot. A pull slot is what we call the place pre-ordered comics go, it's just a comic box with plastic dividers labeled with our customers names. DreamHaven Books and Comics is a mixed bag of comics (mostly new), sf (new and old, cheap to very expensive), related movie material and some comic smut and a few naughty books. It's the best shop in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and one of the best you'd ever find. Enough plugging. 

I really enjoyed the World of the Dragonlords. Byron Erickson has written a good adventure story. I think Carl would approve. It captures the elements I like about the Barks adventure stories. There is an interesting location, some jeopardy, some humor and a good bunch of characters who work together to solve the problem. I liked the alternate world setting, and especially liked the dragons. I really liked that the boys had center place in the story. The art by Giorgio Cavazzano is really wonderful, lively and fun. I particularly liked the battle chapter with no word balloons, the story is in the pictures. All and all a really good read and one to reread, or just look at the pretty pictures, and those dragons are pretty cute.

It's Labor Day here in the US and I am off work and plan to read some of those stacked up recent purchases. I bet I'll have a good day, especially when I got to those Scrooge's.


P.S. I also have a blog that I natter on about movies and comics and the odd other thing or two I like. http://garth.typepad.com/
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