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Nils Hjort wrote:

> Thanks to Elaine Ramshaw for a thoughtful and eloquent 
> contribution, re HDL's emotional maturity, their sense 
> of self-identity, &c. One is reminded of Daisy's nieces 
> April, May, June, who *sometimes* are portrayed as having 
> more distinct, or at least visually distinguishable, personalities: 
> one has a ponytail, another a moptop, the third has pigtails. 
> Can we imagine HDL adopting slightly different visual 
> characteristics [apart from the colours of their caps]? 
> Different t-shirts, tattoos, piercing, eltonjohnian glasses? 

As many people may recall (try as they might NOT to!), Huey, Dewey, and Louie had distinctive "looks" and personalities in the TV series Quack Pack.  Earlier, Dewey got a bit of distinctive characterization (or at least a trait that distinguished him from the other kids) in the DuckTales episode "Duck in the Iron Mask," wherein he's described at being "the best at coming up with escape plans."  Take these as canonical or non- as you wish. 

Chris Barat   
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