Big Brother on DCML?

Dan Shane danshane at
Tue Aug 1 17:25:21 CEST 2006


At this moment here at DCML, at least one unknown person is judging our
contributions anonymously, and I think that's wrong. I think people should
be able to know who is looking over their emails. When I asked for blocking
a link mistake, last Saterday, I got an anonymous report which gave me some
eery Big Brother idea, despite the helpfulness. Because the report looked as
if being written by a machine. It's very alienating. I think mentioning at
least the moderator's first name would make the reports look more human and


In Orwell's novel Big Brother was watching whenever and wherever.  I can
easily avoid the "eerie" gaze of the NAFSK moderators by not posting to or
unsubscribing from DCML, but I am happy to place trust in those who have
thus far earned it.

Names would be nice, but I don't feel I have *any* right to hold the list
moderators to any sort of accountability as far as their decisions about how
much of my posts they care to keep (including this one).  I figure by
self-policing my comments and keeping them on topic there is little need for
concern anyway.  I know my messages are going to be read by plenty of folks
I don't know when they are posted, so why worry about who reads them
*before* they circulate?  Because a point I want to make doesn't get
through?  That's fine with me; it's the moderator's call, and I have no
right to challenge it.  I certainly don't want to be a member of a board
that lets people say absolutely any rude or insensitive thing they like.

For the last time (I promise!), if I ever decide any message board I have
joined does not work the way I like, I'll start my own.  I won't ever
presume that I have *any* say in how any other individual or company
conducts its own affairs within the law.


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