Rabbit relations

David Gerstein ramapith at verizon.net
Mon Aug 14 08:06:27 CEST 2006

     Rich (and others),

 > Frank Bubacz said:
 >> As far as I remember Brer Rabbit has twin nephews, too, and...
 > Hmmm. i seem to recall triplets, but you might be right.

     These nephews appear very early on, in ZB 46-01-27. They are not  
xapped in Inducks, and it appears that the Dutch remount of the story  
omits them entirely. They appear just long enough to tell Brer Rabbit  
that they're hungry (from the famine), addressing him as "Uncle Brer  
Rabbit"... an awkward turn of phrase, to say the least.

 > But this reminds me that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (*AFTER* Walt Disney
 > lost creative control and ownersip of the character) also had twin  

     I must correct you here... Floyd and Lloyd are Oswald's adopted  
sons, not his nephews. Oswald's friend Toby Bear adopted them for him  
in 1948 comics continuity, and they stuck with him after that until  
the 1990s.

 >> But will we ever know who is the uncle of the Three Little Pigs?
 > The only "uncle" I recall was named Warthog

     I believe you're speaking of the character in WDC 559, right?
     The Pigs' aunt Prissy is in the WDC 279 story. And I've got  
another old Western Publishing story someplace where the Pigs refer  
to a relative named Uncle Sow (that's just so wrong on so many  


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