Mailing regulations for Disney comic subscriptions

Larry Giver lgiver at
Thu Aug 17 19:31:57 CEST 2006

	I recall subscribing to the monthly WDComics & Stories before 1956.  The 
fee was $1.00 for one year, or $4.00 for 5 years, compared to $0.10 per 
month in stores.  The problem for a collector was the comic was folded 
lengthwise for mailing.  The other titles Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and 
Uncle Scrooge were bi-monthly issues and not available by subscription at 
that time.  Comics and Stories easily met postal requirement because each 
issue had several stories with different characters plus a one or two page 
text story.  My understanding of the postal regulations in 1956 is Disney 
and/or the publisher wanted to make the other titles eligible for 
subscriptions too.  It seems by then a text story was not required, but no 
longer could a single 32 page story like US #1 take up an entire issue, and 
a short second story was required.
	Best wishes,      Larry Giver.


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