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I have some rather obscure linguistic-onomastic questions for the esteemed, international community of DCML concerning the Italian duckumentary Paperleone in oriente (Donald Lionduck in the Orient) by Nino Russo and Andrea Freccero, published in Topolino (Libretto) no. 2150 in 1997.
  My questions are about the original Italian place-names in the story. In the very first picture, we meet the home town of Donald Lionduck with a wooden sign stating the name of the place. What is this small town called in Italian? Later on, arrived to the Orient, Donald and the crusading army is about to attack and reconquer a castle held by the enemy. In the picture showing the camp of the crusaders in front of the castle, the captain of the crusaders tell us the name of the castle (at least he does in the Danish version). Again, I would be very happy if anyone could inform me of the original Italian place-name. 
  Actually, for both place-names, the Dutch and German translations would be of great interest to me as well. The Dutch version is published in Dubbel Pocket Donald Duck no. 4, the German in Lustiges Taschenbuch no. 241.
  Thanks ever so much in advance.
  Johnny Jakobsen

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