DCML Digest, Vol 42, Issue 30 (Millionaira Vanderbucks)

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Tue Aug 29 00:31:31 CEST 2006

Daniel van Eijmeren wrote:
> I remember an episode [of "DuckTales"] that re-used Barks's 'The Old Castle's Secret', and 
> it contained a woman looking like Millionaira Vanderbucks. Maybe it's the 
> same woman? 

No, that character was named Featherica von Strangeduck, though the show seemed to use the same basic character model.  The episode was "Hotel Strangeduck" and it seemed vaguely similar to "TOCS", but not enough to justify its being reproduced as part of the "Carl Barks' Greatest 'DuckTales' Stories" album series.

Chris Barat
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