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To Dave Rawson:
Dave writes: 
>>Joe, congratulations on your work!>>
Thanks for your very kind words!  They mean a great deal, coming from  
someone whose work I've enjoyed over the years!     

>>I still remember the great happiness I had when I first began  with the 
Disney characters and can easily imagine your  delight.>>
Seeing my own words in balloons over Super Goof's head was a great  thrill.  
Especially since Super Goof is one of my all time faves, and that  most of the 
later stories from Gold Key could have been written much funnier  than they 

>>Since I'm hardly in the loop on who is  doing what, are there other fans 
here who have seen this dream finally come  true for themselves?>>
My longtime friend Chris Barat did a wonderful translation of "The Great  
Paint Robbery" in UNCLE SCROOGE # 353.  Fellow letterhack Thad Komorowski  has 
done some dialoguing as well, including a Gyro in this year's CHRISTMAS  PARADE. 
And, as long as I'm plugging, everyone on this list should check out Dave's  
"The Dragon that Swallows Its Tail" in Gemstone's dear, departed MICKEY MOUSE  
ADVENTURES # 6.  This is an excellent example of Dave's work, with some  nice 
connections to Gottfredson as well!  
Joe Torcivia.  

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