SV: DCML Digest, Vol 46, Issue 19

Stefan Persson spe at
Thu Dec 21 09:39:37 CET 2006

On 2006-12-21 05:26, Håvar Eide wrote:
>  I am working on a complete index over all the american Disney comics issued
> in America. This is a sort of a colleting  index, where you can tick out the
> issues you have and state the quality of the comic. All covers are pictured
> in the index from the first to the late nineties for the 4 main series - and
> all other covers up till today is also pictured in the indeks. 
> But I have som problems with the MOVIE COMICS - so if anybody have
> informations about this series - please make contact.

In which way is this any different to what is already provided by Inducks?  For
the ticking part you can use COA's comics collecting function:

The only difference I noticed was the availability of images (Inducks doesn't
provide any images), but if anyone needs any images, that person could look them
up in a separate data base, such as Outducks.


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