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> The sales figures also seem to show that it was not the sales of  
> DDAF and MMAF that got them cancelled, but that financially  
> Gemstone could no longer support stories in such a format.  That  
> brings me back to the idea I am perhaps pounding into the ground:  
> how about a *3rd* monthly prestige "Donald and Mickey" title? ... I  
> am sure though that Gary or David could explain why it is not such  
> an easy thing though.

In a way, the "easy" part would be to simply launch a third prestige  
book. All of the mechanics, so to speak, are in place to do so. The  
main question is just what title that should be - Mickey and Donald,  
Donald and Mickey, or perhaps simply Donald Duck. (Mickey Mouse would  
not be a contender for this third title because Donald Duck does, as  
the very figures you cited show, have a modest sales edge.)

While a third prestige seems likely to be able to pull its weight in  
the lineup, there are more doubts about what has been referred to as  
Shonen Jump-style books. The DC Showcase and Marvel Essentials  
projects are the true market touchstones for the idea, since they  
only have retail distribution, and we need to gauge our prospective  
sales performance at least partly in comparison to those. One  
approach might be to design them to present as part of a collection,  
rather than as merely a series of periodicals, so they would have a  
potentially longer store shelf life - a big plus for this sort of  
thing. However, that means they couldn't be simple replacements for  
the pocket books, but entirely new entities with very focused  
content. And just what focus these should have would be a matter of  
no small import.

In short, there's lotsa puzzling and pondering ahead.


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