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Boy, Joe, you really hit the nail on the head in your comments!  There *is* such a feeling of loss each time and having had something taken away each time a publisher of Disney comics has bad times and cuts back (or ends) Disney comics.  I too have felt it through all the times Joe mentioned, except for Gold Key or Whitman.  Sorry, I was too young for those times, Joe! :)

If we got a 3rd prestige title it would be like going from losing 4 titles out of 6 to only 2.  And if you think about it further, it would in some ways be really like only losing one title.  I don't know about other people, but to me DDA and MMA felt like a one monthly title.  The only things different every other month was Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse before the word "Adventures" and the number of Duck or Mouse stories in each issue.  So if we were to get a 3rd prestige title, all we would be losing would be a monthly pocket book title.  While I would of course like to have it as well, I would be pleased as punch to just have a 3rd monthly prestige title!

A couple of questions for Gary or others at Gemstone.  The first one I asked before, but I will ask again:  Is there *anything* us Disney comic fans can do to make a 3rd monthly prestige title a reality.  If there is, please let us know!  Perhaps I am reading *way* too much between the lines, but when Gary last wrote the mailing list, it seemed like he and/or Gemstone was realizing some problems with a Shonen Jump style title.  If that is the case, does that make it any more likely we will see a 3rd prestige title sooner rather than later?  I will support a Shonen Jump style title as long as it is not full of re-re-reprints.  Yes, I would rather read the stories in color, but black and white is better than nothing.  However, if it came down to having either a 3rd prestige title *or* a Shonen Jump style book, I would *much* rather have the 3rd prestige title.  Of course, if things work our right, perhaps we can have both.

As with Joe, I would love to hear what others on the list think about this subject.  Even if you have never posted to the list before, please consider adding your 2 cents worth to the discussion about this topic!  And of course as always, much thanks to Gary, David, and everyone else at Gemstone for communicating with us and keeping us informed.

Dean Rekich 
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