Pundling and Pozzering

Yossi Horowitz YMH at aol.com
Thu Dec 28 16:15:07 CET 2006

Gary Leach <bangfish at cableone.net> wrote on 12/28/2006, 6:13 AM:

 > Taking off my associate-of-Gemstone hat for a moment, I've personally
 > been curious about the prospect of Mickey carrying a prestige title
 > of his own. Familiar as I am with Mickey's history of
 > salesworthiness, and not much encouraged by it, I still can't help
 > but wonder if, even so, he might not do all right in that format.
 > (With said hat firmly back on the ol' noggin, I should say that no
 > such title is currently being considered.)

I wonder if it might help if you gave Mickey, at least on the covers, 
the look that he carries on more mainstream licensed products -- a 
peach-colored face instead of a white one, and the character model 
that's used for him in animation, rather than that which is used for him 
in comics. (Of course, there are several of each, but you probably get 
the idea.)

For that matter, I wonder if that kind of thing -- with all of the 
characters, and even on the insides of the books -- would help the 
entire line, assuming that one of your goals is still to move it beyond 
existing Disney comics fans, into the hands of the mainstream.


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