Don Rosa's "Seven minus Four Caballeros"

Larry Giver lgiver at
Sat Feb 11 22:03:21 CET 2006

      I just finished reading the final segment of Don's second
Caballeros story, in Gemstone's latest issue #665.  It was
lots of fun when Donald makes offhand reference to several
previous stories, and his friends say they believe him, no
matter how unbelieveable it seems to them.   Unfortunately,
Donald said the Mines of King Solomon are in Arabia (Part 3,
page 6, panel 5).  This is not a Barks fact; in US19, page 8,
panel 1, Barks located the ducks on the western side of the
Red Sea, across from Jidda (panel 4).   Jidda is in Saudi Arabia
on the east side of the Red Sea, close to Mecca.  The western
shore at this latitude is in Sudan, just south of the border with
Egypt.  From the coast the ducks went inland into the hills,
and found the mines of King Solomon perhaps in the
Nubian desert, Sudan.
      Best wishes,     Larry Giver.

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