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Here are the previews for Disney comics that will be released in March from 
Previews Volume XVI #1:


Donald Duck Adventures #17 --- Donald Duck in "The Search for Bigfoot," by 
Terry Laban and Flemming Andersen, leads this issue, followed by Mickey Mouse in 
"Hoopla" by Pat and Carol McGreal and Jose Antonio Gonzalez, and "The Bathtub 
on the Edge of Forever" by Michael T. Gilbert (of Mr. Monster fame) and 
Flemming Andersen. SC, 128 pages, FC  $7.95

Donald Duck and Friends #338 --- In Carl Barks' classic ten-pager, "The 
Easter Election," Donald squares off against Gladstone's luck to try to win the 
title of Grand Marshal in the Duckburg Easter Parade. Plus, "Guru Goofy" by Sarah 
Kinney and Cesar Feroli, and "Master of Mice" (starring Donald) by Gorm 
Transgaard and Vicar round out the book. 32pages, FC  $2.95

Mickey Mouse and Friends #287 --- Bill Wright's classic story from Mickey 
Mouse Four Color 194 -- "The World Under The Sea" -- is featured in this issue, 
accompanied by the original cover, restored by Rick Keene. Plus, a Donald 
short, "Hat Chasing," by Jippes and Nadorp, and a Mickey short, "For the Birds," by 
Kinney and Rodriques, round out the book. 7x10, 32 pages, FC  $2.95

Uncle Scrooge #352 --- Scrooge, Donald, and the kids take on Magica DeSpell 
and the Beagle Boys in the Carl Barks classic, "Isle of Golden Geese," which is 
accompanied by Barks' original cover. "Say Uncle" by Jensen/Manrique, "The 
Great Egg Hunt" by Kinney/Hubbard, "Psycho" by Renard/Avenell/Branca, and "The 
Bunny Song" by Transgaard/Vicar round out this issue. SC, 64 pages, FC  $6.95

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #667 --- A new William Van Horn story, 
"Taking Things Litterly," leads off this issue, followed by "The Imp and I," a new 
Mickey tale by the McGreals and Feroli, and stories featuring Daisy, Li'l Bad 
Wolf and Scamp. Then, Donald is a race car driver in "Gadabout Gadget," part 
two of the multi-part Formula One series. SC, 7x10, 64 pages, FC  $6.95

Slave Labor Graphics:

Haunted Mansion #3 --- Continuing the exploration of everyone's favorite 
Disney attraction, in this issue the "Mystery of The Manse" story continues with 
William Gracey arriving in New Orleans and buying some property to build his 
dream home. There will be a story about the caretaker's dog by Chris Reilly and 
Crab Scrambly. 24 pages, B&W.  $2.95


Kingdom Hearts Volume 3 --- Monstro the Whale swallows Sora and crew, 
plunging the world of Kingdom Hearts into an underwater adventure! There Sora lends 
Geppetto and Pinocchio a helping hand to fend off the Heartless. Our heroes 
then dive even deeper under the sea to face Ursula the Sea Witch. But Sora and 
Riku better surface fast because they have to rescue Kairi from Captain Hook! 
When it comes to dealing with the Heartless, let your conscience be your guide, 
and don't forget the pixie dust! 5x7 7/16, 144 pages, $5.99

Derek Smith
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