Gottfredson in WDC&S

Poul Spærhage Frøkjær pfr at
Thu Feb 23 09:26:20 CET 2006

I wrote:
>> Which means that Gladstone can now print daily strip material in their 
>> books???

David wrote:
 >I think you mean Gemstone, but yes, that's right.

Woops -thats right. Sorry. Is it just me that have not read my Disney mail well enough, lately or is it not correct that this a new thing?

Anyway: it sure opens up for some nice possibilities, I think! I am looking much forward to see the results. And now that I am here: Please bring back: 'the year that was' (Wasn't that the name?). That was always one of the highlights in the Gladstone late WDC&S IMO.



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