When Oswald the Lucky Rabbit met Universal co-founder Laemmle

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Tue Feb 28 01:01:38 CET 2006

--warning: slightly off-topic.--

Following Disneys bizarre a-sports-commentator-for-a-lucky-rabbit-trade, 
Harry McCracken has dug up a Big Little Book featuring a gun-carrrying 
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - and Carl Laemmle, a dude named Daring Dan and 
other notabilities.

quote:  "The whole thing reads and looks as if it were put together by a 
demented fifth-grade student. (And it leaves you newly appreciative of the 
quality control imposed by Disney on side projects in the 1930s--Floyd 
Gottfredson this guy is not.)"  /quote

the harry-go-round:


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