April 2006 Previews/Mickey's inferno

David Gerstein ramapith at verizon.net
Tue Feb 28 02:27:24 CET 2006

     Hey all,

> Donald Duck and Friends #339 --- Carl Barks classic Donald Duck  
> Adventure, "In Ancient Persia," is the featured attraction in this  
> month's issue, together with a cover illustarting the tale by Dutch  
> master Daan Jippes (Note that this may be a mistake as the cover  
> shown advertises/illustrates Carl Barks' The Easter Election, not  
> In Ancient Persia).

     The cover shown in Previews is the wrong one. The real cover to  
DDF 339 is this drawing by— yes, Jippes:

> Does anybody know whether the version of "Mickey's Inferno" that  
> will appear in Walt Disney's comics & Stories #666 is complete or  
> abridged? - Or is it going to continue in #667?

     WDC 666 uses a 37-page version of "Inferno" from various 1990s  
Italian albums, so it's all in this one issue— just remounted to  
standard comic book size, with more panels per page than was  
originally the case. It's only very slightly abridged (missing is a  
short sequence set in Hades' barber shop; originally, a rather  
critical panel of plot exposition was also deleted, but we restored  
     For a number of reasons, we didn't want to spread this story  
over two issues. Of course, we still have the option of publishing  
another edition, in the original aspect ratio, later on.

     Best, David

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