Mickey's Inferno

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Tue Feb 28 19:58:37 CET 2006

Niels asked: 

> Does anybody know whether the version of "Mickey's Inferno" 
> that will appear in Walt Disney's comics & Stories #666 is 
> complete or abridged? - Or is it going to continue in #667?
It was/is issue #666 (perhaps that is an appropriate number? ;-)
I have the issue and a hardbound edition of the original story
>From Italy, and while it is obviously translated into English,
And I'm not proficient in Italian, so I'm not sure how much of
The text has been eliminated, or toned-down for the American
Audience, I've definitely noticed images have been deleted (such
As the barbershop segment).  Maybe 'cause it was felt the imagery
Was too "graphic" and violent for Americans and would thus create
An out-cry?  Sometimes I feel kinda sad for the way we have to
Be spoonfed things so as not to upset us. But it's either that, 
Or we get nothing! *sigh*
-Rich Bellacera


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