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Mon Jan 2 05:18:54 CET 2006

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    Happy New Years everyone!!!! Now that it is 2006,  Don Rosa's latest is 
probably only a short time away. However, does anyone have  a definitive word 
on its release yet and which issue numbers it will  appear out in Europe? I 
know that I've asked this question before, but now  that we are beginning a new 
year, maybe specific information is or will soon  become available.
    Regarding posts on Rosa's upcoming, if any,  stories, I certainly hope he 
and Egmont can forge a mutually beneficial  arrangement. I cannot imagine 
that comicbook company mistakingly allowing itself  to let go of its most widely 
popular author of Disney comics overseas,  especially when Rosa has expressed 
an interest before of always continuing his  work, provided he gets treated 
fairly. As for content, I'm all in favor of  shorter gag-stories too, but as 
long as we still can read those sprawling McDuck  epics at least once a year, I'm 
a truly contented fan!
    Once again, happy new year, and may 2006 be a good  year for all Disney 
comics and creators, namely in America, which needs the good  news the most!
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