2006 - wishes

Olivier mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jan 2 18:19:10 CET 2006

Happy 2006 !

Gemstone geared up this year, with the production of  one-shot issues such
as "Mickey Mouse Meets Blotman", "World of the Dragonlords", "Somewhere in
Nowhere", of a surely beautiful "Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" (I'm
waiting for the hardcover), and of  the gorgeous "Mickey and the Gang".
I hope all these have been deservedly successful enough to produce more such

Regarding the regular comics titles, my wish-- and it's the only thing I
find "missing"-- is that they will start featuring extra material, as
Gladstone's titles used to: a page on a story (Don Rosa's notes are always
most interesting; such notes by Van Horn or duck scholars would be great
too); something similar to "The Year That Was", pages from old Disney
magazines, ...
The Disney archives are rich enough in material, and there are enough (many)
knowledgeable people to write about the comics and present said material.

All the very best to you all,


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