More non-Gemstone Disney comics in the US

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Yes, my only complaint about this is... why Wonderland? Lewis Carroll work is not exclusive of Disney. But now Disney launch this one with black haired Alice? Is some way to keep the franchise? Sorry I am a bit paranoid with this things, but maybe Disney thinks they are the owners Alice in Wonderland, and they are not. 

Anyway is an interesting line of comics, Tron, Haunted House and Gargoyles. I was a big fan of that show... I think was the first one of use the legend of Illuminati in TV. 


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  According to the February issue of Wizard (#172) there are some more Disney related titles coming out in 2006 from Slave Labor Graphics in addition to HAUNTED MANSION.  Be on the look out for  GARGOYLES, WONDERLAND and TRON.  According to the magazine, WONDERLAND should be out sometime this month, although I don't recall it being solicited in Previews, and I usually search for Wonderland related items being a long time fan of the literary work.


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