More non-Gemstone Disney comics in the US

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Wed Jan 4 15:08:55 CET 2006

- Fabio -

>>>> Yes, my only complaint about this is... why Wonderland?
>>>> Lewis Carroll work is not exclusive of Disney. But now
>>>> Disney launch this one with black haired Alice?

It's a new character, Marianne :
" Wonderland is in an tizzy after a certain little blonde girl turned it upside down! But what happens after Alice leaves? Everyone -- from familiar faces like the nervous white rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the Chesire Cat and the Queen of Hearts to a girl new to Wonderland fans, Marianne -- want Wonderland is in a scramble to set things back to what passes for normal."

>>>> Is some way to keep the franchise?
>>>> Sorry I am a bit paranoid with this things,
>>>> but maybe Disney thinks they are the owners
>>>> Alice in Wonderland, and they are not. 

Aren't Carroll's works public domain?
Or are there descendants who own & licence everything Wonderland?
There have been many adaptations & variations, so I guess Disney can well invent a new character that vists Wonderland.

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