Phantom Blot - The True Story

KUR ggk at
Thu Jan 5 18:33:01 CET 2006


 I  wonder... Whas the true Orgin of The Phantom Blot ever shown?     Whe 
saw the man behind the mask many times, but what's turn this poor   fellow 
in to a black-masked, ploting world domination (Yet to soft hearted to see 
somthing die) evil criminal master mind?
Whas he born in a Criminal family? Whas he good person but some accident 
[like his girlfiriend left him, he got fired, a Mickey Mouse look-a-like 
Bully pick-at him in Scool, ect.] change him in to a evil one?  Or maby  he 
did a simple mistake of having Dr.Doom, Dr. No and Dr. Claw as his his 
psycholigist's... ;-)
[Actualy I do remeber a Italian story when Blot mention he had passion for 
Art in the past and there was one-panel flash-back showing him without the 
costiume, dress-up like a painter drawing a girl holding a dolar (wich was 
propebly Joke refering to the fact his a Walt Disney caricature...) but I 
guess it wasn't ment to be his orgin]

Maciek Kur

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