Life Of Scrooge in Arabia,

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Thu Jan 5 21:21:59 CET 2006

During the last year, I've been trying to collect as much as I can of
information about LO$ (especially published that in Egypt).

Yes, it have been published in wrong order. which took me along time to
recognize :S

It was published by Dar El-Helal. which stopped publishing Disney comics two
years ago and now it is published by Nahdet Masr

Anyway, I was able to get and scan the following chapters in Arabic.
The index to the left is the original chapter's index, and to the right is
the index as published in Egypt

2-The Master Of The Mississippi		chapter 1
3-The Buckaroo Of The Badlands		chapter 2
4-Raider Of The Copper Hill			chapter 3
5-The New Laird of Castle McDuck		chapter 4
6-The Terror Of The Transvaal		chapter 5
7-The Billionaire Of Dismal Downs		chapter 8
12-The richest Duck in the World		chapter 12

As you can see. there was a shift in one chapter but 12 chapters were
published, so the first chapter must have been published as 9, 10 or 11.
Or maybe they published a chapter other than the 12 main ones to complete
the 12 chapter series

You can access these scanned comics -and some other than LO$- in Arabic at 

I have a question about LO$, is there a chapter called "The Recluse Of
McDuck Manor"? If yes, which chapter is it?

About indexing at the INDUCKS, I have started -with Harry's help, thanks
Harry- indexing the Egyptian comics, which is more than 55 years of weekly
comics, plus one monthly issue. But I have no data about the date of
publication and other things.
The only piece of information I've got is that chapter 10 was published in
issue number 1838 which must have been published in June 1996
Knowing that they were publishing the LO$ one chapter a week - maybe with
one only gap of two or three weeks-, LO$ was first introduced in issue 1825
published around March 1996

> Hello!
> I have heard that Lo$ as published in Arabia, but it isn't indexed in
>I've also been told that they starded witth part 2, and then published the
> Can anyone tell me if this is right?

> //Victor 

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