Life Of Scrooge in Arabia,

Stefan Persson spe at
Fri Jan 6 10:12:25 CET 2006

Dooma wrote:
> You can access these scanned comics -and some other than LO$- in Arabic at

.csa?  What kind of weird format is that?  My browser reports that they 
are of the Content-Type 'msie/unknown-type', not sure what that is.

> I have a question about LO$, is there a chapter called "The Recluse Of
> McDuck Manor"? If yes, which chapter is it?

Chapter 12 is sometimes called 'The Recluse of McDuck Manor' and 
sometimes 'The richest Duck in the World'.  'The richest Duck in the 
World' is sometimes also used as the title for chapter 11.


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