Armando Botto armando.botto at
Sun Jan 8 09:20:57 CET 2006

> There is a cousin which seems to be called Paperozzo in a story by Luciano
> Bottaro [...]
> could some Italian fellows confirm this and provide more informations 
> and/or
> scans of this character?? thanks!!

Cousin Paperozzo, created by Carlo Chendi and drawn by Luciano Bottaro, 
indeed appeared only in "Paperino e il cugino burlone".

In that story, he comes to visit Donald for a few days; according to what 
Donald says, they used to play together when they were very little kids 
(they're the same age, and haven't met since when they were three years 
old). Paperozzo soon proves to be a terrible prankster: in a few hours' 
time, he manages to exasperate Donald with no less than 10 practical jokes. 
Donald gets his revenge by covering him in honey: we last see Paperozzo 
running away, pursued by a swarm of angry bees.

I've scanned a panel from the story, and I'm sending it to you in private 


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