Gus' and Sock's spanish translation in INDUCKS ( Goofy313g at
Mon Jan 9 10:42:18 CET 2006

In Inducks it's told that Gus' spanish name is Sansón...

Then, on the scans of YD 44-04-03, when Donald is reading Gus' letter (whom 
he refers to as Uncle Gus when he speaks to the boys), which announces the soon 
arrival of Sock, we can see on the spanish version that Sansón is actually 
Sock, and Gus is referred to as "Tio Ganso"... So if Gus is actually called 
"Sansón" in other spanish translated stories, then I should put "Tio Ganso" (Uncle 
Ganso) in my new section of special relatives, which will include characters 
created in translations, fake cousins, and characters that don't fit in my 
tree because it would be too inconsistent...

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