Paperozzo : Gus' Brother? Goofy313g at
Mon Jan 9 10:42:42 CET 2006

Thanks a lot for your scan, Armando!!!

I noticed that Paperozzo looks like Gus (clothes)
Does he have a last name? if not, he could be his brother...
It has already been discussed here that Fred, Donald's cousin from H 85125 
also looks like gus, and could also be his brother (moreover, his name in dutch 
is Thijs which sounds like Gijs, Gus' dutch name)... Triplets again??? :-)

Other known relatives of Gus from his generation are his cousin Moss from 
S 64107 (unless he's a translation mistake), his clarinette player cousin 
Artemio, from I TL 2447-5  (I still need a scan of him),  and his cousin Greta from 
W WDC 141-04. There is also a cousin of him names Hans in the dutch version of 
W US   55-05, but it might also ba a translation mistake.    Relatives of him 
are also in B 770235, but they're just mentionned by name, I guess ...


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