A Website about Donald's Family Tree (!!!??? I wonder what the sources are...)

Goofy313g@aol.com Goofy313g at aol.com
Mon Jan 9 18:55:26 CET 2006

I just found this page today


unfortunately I can't check the actual tree, as you have to pay for that

I just wondered what people here thought about this, several references in 
the article (the use of the name fauntleroy as well as the name "scotty" for 
scrooge's father made me wonder if this guy didn't use my work without telling 
me, I don't have any objection for using my work in other sites, even if I'd 
like to be referred to somewhere, but certainly NOT in paying contents!! Please 
tell me if I'm not too paranoid, and what you think I should do...

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