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Donald D. Markstein ddmarkstein at
Wed Jan 11 16:49:01 CET 2006

> Well I might have overrreacted, ...
> I had totally forgotten that Per Starback's website were the first to 
> mention Old Scotty as Scrooge's father (it's even this page about 
> Bark's duck family tree which gave me the idea of starting my own duck 
> tree!)
> I'm a bit ashamed of the way I reacted, but I'll add that it was very 
> late and I was suffering from food intoxication and fever!! 
> Moreover, I contacted this guy and he answered me that in the full 
> version he mentionned all his sources (which I'm not even a part of, 
> btw)...
> A french proverb says you have to turn 7 times your toungue in your 
> mouth before speaking, I guess you also have to turn your finger 7 
> times around your mouse before sending an unuseful message to hundreds 
> of people :-)
> I'd also say that I often send messages that may not be appropriate to 
> mailing list, but I only realise it after : I only read the archives, 
> not the messages themselves, so I don't realise that these messages 
> are actually destinated to be automatically read by the members, who 
> can't choose... It makes me see dcml more as a forum, which it's not...
> But well, it's not always negative, as we just had a brillant lesson 
> of how to deal with plagiarism by Donald D. Markstein  (thanks, Don!)
> Gilles
> (btw I still don't know how to change my name from
> Goofy313g at to Gilles, should I create a new identity?)

Well, Gilles, I'm glad it was a false alarm -- that's always the best 
outcome in this type of situation. But I don't think you should have 
called my response "brilliant". It's just a few little things I've 
picked up through experience. If you want BRILLIANT ways to deal with 
things like this, check out the "Copyright" section of the forums at -- a site I heartily recommend for anyone running a 
site of his own. Those guys REALLY know how to deal with thieves! Also, 
everything else having to do with the business.

Aside to Olaf -- we're not talking about using sources (however this 
particular case may have turned out). People use me as a source all the 
time, and I'm always glad to see it. But outright plagiarism -- 
copy-and-paste stuff -- just isn't right. What do these guys imagine 
they're doing? Adding to the world's knowledge? Can't be, because what 
they post is already there. Making it more easily available? Given my 
traffic and Google rankings, I doubt there's anything a two-bit thief 
can do to improve its circulation. Expressing the creativity of their 
souls? Puh-lease! It's theft, pure and simple, absolutely without value.

Quack, Don
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