The four mysterious gags of Carl Barks

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Wed Jan 11 17:01:38 CET 2006

Hello from France !

I'm trying to collect and to make an exhaustive list of all stories and gags by Carl Barks.
I lead for months a serious study of many references, and my list is now quite completed.

But it still remains a mystery that I can resolve. There are 165 gags (1 page or less) known by Carl Barks, and only 4 gags doesn't have known creation date (the publication date is ok) :

  Code               Title                  Creation date    Publication date     CB Library 

DD 71-05     Rainbow's End         ????-??-??          1960-05               II/3/570
US 25-07     Uncle Scrooge          ????-??-??          1959-03               IV/1/185
US 32-05     The Homey Touch    ????-??-??          1960-12               IV/2/416
US 32-07     Turnabout                 ????-??-??          1960-12               IV/2/317

I want at least to have the possibility to replace these gags among the 161 others by creation date .
I read that these four gags could originally have been one of three unidentified /disappeared Uncle Scrooge gags submitted on October 1, 1958.

>From looking at the artwork,DD 71-05, US 25-07 and US 32-05 seems to be more typical for Barks' work of the late 1950's (i.e., 1958 or 1959), while US 32-07 seems to be a somewhat earlier work (stylistic and thematical resemblance to US 33-01 "Tree Trick").

So, DD 71-05 and US 32-05 may indeed be some of those unidentified gags from 1958-10-01, which is supported by the fact that the other known 1958-10-01 gag, US 27-05 "Crawls for Cash", is a half-pager, too. There are doubts about US 25-07 for which the publication date is just a bit too early.  

But this is all just guesswork :
1. Is any one have new elements on these four gags.

2. Is someone have other ideas for replacing these gags among the others by creation date ? For US 32/6, who seems to be ealier, do you have an idea to place it among the others ?

3. Could someone indicate me a mean to reach the creation dates...

I have already contacted Michael Barrier, Geoffrey Blum, Gerd Syllwasschy (BarksBase) who gave me very interesting informations but not the answer... (Chase Craig would have been a good help but he's not with us anymore...)
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