Whatever happened to RETURN TO MORGAN'S ISLAND?

David Gerstein gdavid at gemstonepub.com
Thu Jan 12 18:56:27 CET 2006

	Hey Jerry,

	[I] have seen several references to a sequel to PIRATE GOLD by David
Gerstein, called RETURN TO MORGAN'S ISLAND. Has this story ever been printed
in the United States, or did it run up against some censorship issues from
the "Disney" Studio? Or was it published during Gladstone's last run and did
I just miss it?

	I developed this 28-page story between 1994 and 1996, ending with a
final script that Disney approved. It was to have been drawn for Gladstone
first by Craig Deeley, then by Pat Block. Unfortunately, budget cuts at
Gladstone meant that production on "Morgan's Island" had to be stopped.
	Several other stories were also shelved at the same time. One of
them, Pat Block's "Ducks of the Deep," ended up going back into production
for the new Gemstone comics (it appeared in WDC&S 653 last year). So in
theory, "Morgan's Island" could also be revived now.
	The thing is, though, that with ten more years of professional
experience under my belt, I've had a second look at "Morgan's Island," and
at this point feel that I'd like to make some significant revisions in it
before it's ever drawn. It's very much a product of my early days as a


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