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Thu Jan 12 18:28:11 CET 2006

Thanks a lot again for the scan of Paperozzo, my tree sure represents a lot 
of work and time, but it couldn't exist with my modest French-only publications 
comics collection...
This is really the result of the work of lots of duck-hunters around the 
world :-)

I wondered... Would  you mind if I send you a list of characters of Donald's 
family who only appeared in Italian publication and maybe you can check the 
stories when and if you have really nothing else to do (like on rainy days or 
when you're sick, or when there's nothing interresting running on tv... lol )  
So there should be a few relatives to scan, and also some other whose scan I 
already have, but whom original Italian names I need so that I'm sure I won't 
put them at a wrong place in my tree, as re-building it each time I have to 
make a correction is really a huge work (I use simultaneously Adobe Photoshop 
for the images, Illustrator for the links between the characters and the "ducky" 
question marks, and InDesign for the building of the tree itself, the texts 
and the links that go across several generations (like the "adopted uncle link" 
that runs between Scrooge and Webby, Paperetta yeye, Bubba and Genie...), 
which is very difficult and result in a huge pdf file, but It's of good image 
quality and it's zoomable (so instead of the old one in jpeg and gif, which was 
1m40 width, people can adjust it to any printer size, and names are even 
readable on a A3 file)...

(this is a link to a temporary version of the new tree in pdf)

Please let me know if it would be possible for you to do that, but don't feel 
obliged, I'm perfectly aware that it might be a bit boring to do that, and 
that you may have a life besides Disney Comics :-) Moreover, you already helped 
me quite a lot!!!

Thanks a lot again,
Best regards and Ciao!
Gilles Maurice
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