Indexing Disney Comics magazines and stories

Søren Krarup Olesen sko at
Tue Jan 17 11:24:49 CET 2006

Nuno Silva (aka NJSG) wrote:

> I've read it and I will read the linked pages (``fields explanation
> page'' and ``a more elaborate explanation page'') when I can.
> In this page (``The art of indexing''), the example shows a code for the
> cover page. But there is no cover-code in portuguese magazines - they
> tell only the name of the artist who drawn it. So, what do I do?

There are couple of options:
1) Leave the story code field empty (easy!),
2) Make up a "fake" code as in the following example (dangerous!), and
3) Identify the cover--it might have been printed already in another
country (difficult!).


JB    3      h3 Anders And i knibe… [issdate:1969] [inx:ORN,SKO] 
[pages:260] [price:DKK 5.25]
JB    3a    DC JB    3     1 c                  D+S [/same cover as 
de/LTB   7]
JB    3b    W US   41-06   1                    US) Aldrig rådvild 
[desc:US's new rocket drills itself into the ground and is then sold as 
a drilling rocket]
JB    3c    I CWD  27-A   26 3                  DD) En lille 
forhistorie… [desc:new school instead of railroad crossing] 
[xapp:DD,HDL,GY,HLP,US,BRI] [frame;8,d,8,e,2,f,4,g,4]
JB    3da   I TL  101-A   20 3                  DD  som skolelærer 
[part:1] [xapp:DD,HDL,US]
JB    3db   I TL  102-A   20 3                  --  - [part:2]
JB    3dc   I TL  103-A   20 3                  --  - [part:3]
JB    3e    I TL  385-A   38 3      CCh LBo GSc GY) Gavtyven i Andeby 
[xapp:GY,HLP,US,DA,DD,HDL] [changes:19,20 pages missing]

In the second line, we (that would be me and Ole) has made up the code
"DC JB    3", named after the issue "JB    3". "DC" is fake, but it says
that this cover *probably* were D-coded (Gutenberghus/Egmont) but that
we don't know the *real* D-code. In other words we have a specific
system (yet under constant debate :-) on how to assign fake codes to
certain stories.

Also you'll find that the credits were left empty, since we have no good
guess on who drew the cover. We have added a "secret" comment beginning
with "[/" where we notice that this is the same cover as used by the
Germans in their Lustiges Taschenbuch no. 7.

As you see, indexing is a rather complicated affair, so I recommend that
you start out with the easiest thing, namely to let the code field be


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