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A 17-01-2006 10:24, Søren Krarup Olesen escreveu:
> Nuno Silva (aka NJSG) wrote:
>> In this page (``The art of indexing''), the example shows a code for the
>> cover page. But there is no cover-code in portuguese magazines - they
>> tell only the name of the artist who drawn it. So, what do I do?
> There are couple of options:
> 1) Leave the story code field empty (easy!),
> 2) Make up a "fake" code as in the following example (dangerous!), and
> 3) Identify the cover--it might have been printed already in another
> country (difficult!).
> As you see, indexing is a rather complicated affair, so I recommend that
> you start out with the easiest thing, namely to let the code field be
> empty.
> Søren

Ok, so I'll let that field empty. Thanks.

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