Indexing Disney Comics magazines and stories

Thomas Pryds Lauritsen pryds at
Thu Jan 19 23:20:09 CET 2006

Nuno Silva (aka NJSG) wrote:
> Ok, so I'll let that field empty. Thanks.

Or, you could of course try to find the code via the COA webpage: .

>From the main page you can fill in a comma separated list of the
characters that appear on the cover (e.g. "Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge")
in the "Character" field, and select "cover" from the "Layout" selection
box. If you recognize who drew the cover, you can write his/her name in
the "Creator" field. It is probably also a good idea to type in a
keyword or perhaps two in the "Keywords" field so you won't get too many
results (for instance, if the cover also shows a crocodile, you can type
"crocodile"). Then hit "Search". If you get no results, try with fewer
or another keyword.

If you don't find the cover, then please provide a short description of
the cover (e.g. [desc:DD and HDL ride sledge, DD is too high to get
under branch] ) and a list of all appearing characters (e.g.
[xapp:DD,HDL] ). You can also make a scan of the cover and upload it via
the Outducks (this is probably preferred). This way, other indexers
might have a chance of finding the correct code for the cover at a later

Good luck with your indexing!


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