Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at alumni.princeton.edu
Wed Jul 5 10:07:15 CEST 2006


> Which also leads me to ask....when the Peeweegahs stories are published in
> other languages, do they ever try to put the Peeweegah dialogue in meter?

In the Greek version, the Peweegahs spoke in "metered fifteen-syllable" 
verses, which is the style used in most Greek folk songs.

Here's a quick and dirty sample of this style in English:

         The Greek Peweegahs spoke like this, the Komix people managed.
         I cannot write a lot like this, what else can rhyme with "managed"?

Note the internal rhyme at the 8th syllable, at the point of the comma.

To accommodate such long verses into the word balloons, the Komix people had 
to break them at arbitrary places, but the rhythm of the language made the use 
of this style pretty obvious.

"Captain... you are BLUE!"

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