Hiawatha rhythm

Donald D. Markstein ddmarkstein at cox.net
Wed Jul 5 17:57:35 CEST 2006

I'll admit, looking at it, the first paragraph of my last message did 
transpose a non-accented syllable from the end to the beginning, but it 
still looks to me like it scans pretty well. Oh well, it's not important 
if you don't see it the way I do. (By the way, about 30 years ago, I 
wrote a whole page in a fanzine that way. It ended with the sentence "I 
could write like this forever, but I think I'll rest my mind and purge 
from it this noisome rhythm, purge from it this metered nuisance, that 
will not allow me peace to read, write, talk or think without it." 
Nobody caught a syllable out of place. Doesn't mean there necessarily 
wasn't one, however.)

Elaine, thanks VERY much for the nice words about my work. You may be 
interested that I've written a sequel to "King of the Bungaloos", the 
plot of which is hinted at on the last page. David Gerstein assures me 
it's on Gemstone's schedule, so you'll be seeing it soon (if you haven't 
already). It's a little study on how different characters respond to the 
same basic situation.

And speaking of David, he may be the guy who really did that Gilbert & 
Sullivan story you like, but I've done them too. My big one wasn't 
published, however, for reasons explained on the Web page where the 
unfinished script was posted 

Quack, Don

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