Hiawatha rhythm

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>Subject: Hiawatha rhythm
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>In NINE-teen-NINE-ty-NINE i WROTE an AR-ti-CLE a-BOUT this TOP-ic. I
>have POS-ted IT where MEM-bers OF this LIST can TAKE a LOOK.
>BY the WAY, it IS-n't HARD to WRITE in RHY-thm, AND "the SONG of
>HI-a-WA-tha" ("KA-le-VA-la" IF you're EU-ro-PE-an) IS a-MONG the
>SIM-plest. JUST in CASE you HAVE-n't NO-ticed (OR are USED to O-ther
>WAYS of READ-ing EN-glish) I'VE been US-ing "HI-a-WA-tha" RHY-thm THIS
>en-TI-re MESSage.

The song of Hiawatha and Kalevala are both written in runometer (I don't 
know what it's called in english). It consists of two groups with four 
trochees in each, and a trochee consists of a long syllable followed by a 
short one. In addition to this the groups should alliterate and the second 
group should repeat the content of the first one one way or the other.

As far as I can tell, you're not using this metre.

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