Delta Dimension, Dinkie, C.O.A. and more

Francesco Spreafico francesco.spreafico at
Wed Jul 12 16:48:13 CEST 2006

David Gerstein wrote:

>     I'm glad somebody noticed our Scarpa/Cavazzano Ellsworth short
> in MICKEY MOUSE ADVENTURES 10! And Scarpa's Ellsworth will be back
> again later this month with a longer story in WALT DISNEY TREASURES.

And I see (on Amazon) more Scarpa coming on Uncle Scrooge the following

Lars Jensen's "The Keeper of Babylon Gardens" on US 359
Carlo Chendi's "The Big Christmas Giveaway Giveaway" on US 360
(Certainly Paperino e il premio di bontà:

Let's see if I can sum up what I know about these months for Scarpa in
the US:

Already out:
- Mickey Mouse and the Photonic Muffler (MM 290, 06/2006)
- Foxy Hunters (MMA 10, 07/2006) (Original
title: Quel drittone di Gancio)

The Incredibile Black Comet! (MM 292, 08/2006) (Original title: Eta Beta
e la cometa al fenantrone)
The Delta Dimension (MMA 11, 09/2006) (Original title:
Topolino e la Dimensione Delta)
AKA Cormorant Number Twelve  (Walt Disney Treasures - Disney Comics: 75
Years of Innovation, 08/2006) (Original title: Gancio
cormorano di fiducia
The Keeper of Babylon Gardens (US 359, 11/2006)
The Big Christmas Giveaway Giveaway (US 360, 12/2006) (Original title: Paperino
e il premio di bontà)

Am I missing something?


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