Mickey's face

Elaine Ramshaw elaine1 at snet.net
Sat Jul 15 05:17:11 CEST 2006

Since you asked for others' opinions.... Personally, I've always been
strongly in favor of the black-and-white Mickey & Co. This is due to the
fact that coloring in the white areas with a pinkish beige makes Mickey
Caucasian, while the b&w Mickey seems to me to be ethnically neutral. One of
the kids I provide comics for is African-American, and that helps sensitize
me on this issue. 

Some years back I was watching a Disney Silly Symphony with some friends,
and one complained that the villain was black (a spider, I believe). I
pointed out with some exasperation that *Mickey Mouse* was equally black!
(Of course, I'm aware that this is due to the fact that he started out in
b&w cartoons.) But later I realized that the currently most-seen version of
Mickey with the white areas colored in is indeed Caucasian or "white."

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