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Did you know the name Carl Barks by 1969?  If so, you were maybe one of 
what, 300 people?  That's right about the time that the Thompsons et al 
were writing articles about him and a few fans were writing to him and 
scoring some amazing original art.  When did you first learn his name 
and how?  (More modern readers have to realize that Barks was never 
credited back then and was known simply as "the good duck artist" 
amongst early fans.)

Marc Newman
"Super-Selection of Silver and Bronze Age Comics"

> Barks has always had a very strong influence on my own writing style, 
> which surprises people who don't know better, and think of him as just 
> an artist. I've been a fan of his for more than 50 years -- starting 
> about when I learned to read, as a matter of fact. By 1969, when I 
> began writing professionally (feature stories in the Sunday morning 
> New Orleans Times-Picayune), I was already seeing faint echoes of him 
> in my own writing.
> Quack, Don

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