Reconstruction of the DCML archives 1992-2006

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Sat Jul 29 23:20:59 CEST 2006

Some technical comments, as addition to my previous email.

Advantage of the email digests in comparison to the third incarnation of the 
official archive, is that digests can be used to reveal wrong date-fields. 
At the official archive this can currently only be seen with obvious 
mistakes, like "January 1970", "January 1980" and "October 2016".
Therefore I think all the digests deserve to be archived. At least I can 
submit the years 2000 up to now. But I don't have dates before 24 May 1995 
(ten-current 'Disney-comics digest #672').

My first original digest seems to be then-current 'Disney-comics digest 
#676', dated 28 May 1995. Preceding digests #672-#675 are forwards dated 27 
May 1995, without original dates.

A problem with digests is that there are sometimes emails falling outside of 
the digest, only being sent as loose email to subscribers who opted for a 
real-time subscription.

In short there are at least three types of copies:
- loose emails
- digest collections of emails
- official archive

All versions should be exact the same, except for technical problems. For 
example, a current problem is email bodies being "scrubbed" from loose 
emails and digests. These email bodies are now only available at the 
official archives.


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