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Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Mon Jul 31 13:28:59 CEST 2006

> Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 12:56:23 +0200
> Subject: Re: Rodney's scrubbed email about fora

<However, I wonder why there suddenly are so many replies to your post on 
*that* site, when the topic is clearly related to *this* mailing list.>
Don't know. Ask them. I think it's because McDuck is well-visited, where 
everyone can log in. No need to subscribe. Just put down a name and comment. 
It's as easy as that.

<The posts there could just as well have been mails here(?!)>
I'm not so sure of that. Especially now I've posted an email that got 
blocked by DCML last year. Together with the report why it was blocked.
Will I be allowed to discuss that here on DCML, as an example case of 
moderation and liberty of speech?

> Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 22:08:26
> From: Rich <xephyr at>

<Wow!  I've read some pretty heated items here in the past but this attack 
on the Moderator is really uncalled for.>
Your email isn't scrubbed in the digest. (In the archive version it is 

<As one of the original members of the DCML (since it's creation in 1992 in 
a more abreviated and primitive format) I find the mean-spirited comment 
really sad.  The Moderator is doing an awesome job.  He has a REAL LIFE too 
and shouldn't be expected to do anything more than provide a friendly place 
where people can chat about Disney comics and creators.   Keeping people 
from doing things that would disrupt that format is part of the role of a 
moderator and a valuable asset.>
If there's moderation there should be rules what to expect from it. Is that 
so difficult? In real life there are rules, too. And virtual life is part of 
real life.

<The DCML was originally created when there was no formalized database of 
Disney comics and it's formation has GREATLY enhance the ability of everyone 
to contribute to the database, as a wonderful sidebar, it also opened the 
door for creators and others who have production and publishing standing in 
the Disney realm to also meet and discuss items of interest with the fans 
directly. >
That's history now. As a long-time member you should know that DCML was a 
very lively place, in contrast to recent years. One might expect that DCML 
would have become very popular now many people internet, but the opposite 
happens. People rather go other places. Why would that be?

<If I might add one thing?  No one is forcing ANYONE to read or post to this 
mailing list.  We are ALL here of our own volition and because of a shared, 
INTERNATIONAL interest.  Thus, if you don't like it here, there is no one on 
EARTH forcing you to remain.>
It's rather the opposite: Nowadays, DCML seems to force people to go away.

If DCML is so grand, then why is it so quiet here? Have you seen the other 
fora? How lively they are and how much news they bring? There are authors 
and editors contributing on those fora. Just compare the current DCML with 
those sites. Is my criticism really so "uncalled for"? Well, at least it 
wasn't blocked or srcubbed. So, it can't be that bad.

Positive thing about moderation is that now someone can be held responsible 
for what appears on DCML.


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