Direct references to Barks-stories

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At least there is Return to Bear Mountain by Tom Anderson and Daniel Branca. 
Kind of sequel to the famous Barks story. (No Finnish translation of that 
yet. You can find it in Donald Duck Adventures #32-33.)
Vicar have drawn several Barks' side characters in his comics. Don't 
remember actual story references right now.
I'm sure there are lots of these.

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> Hi fellow DCMLers,
> I am looking for direct references to Barks-stories by other writers
> besides Rosa. I know that Van Horn referred to "Land Beneath Ground!" (W
> US 13-02) in his "Creature Comforts" (D 98062). I have tried to browse
> INDUCKS for more, but so far no banana. If anyone can remember other
> instances of this happening, this would be greatly appreciated.
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